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stubbyid.js is a simple client-side "simulator" for Persona. It's a drop-in replacement for Persona's include.js script.

Persona's Observer API improves end-user sovereignty by allowing users to globally log out of all the sites that they're logged into. However, while this empowers users, it can make things a bit confusing for developers. That's why stubbyid.js has a widget at the bottom-right of any page it's included in, explaining what the "simulated Persona" service thinks the user wants. It also logs messages to the console explaining the rationale behind everything it does.

This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

Learn More

For more information on using stubbyid.js, see the readme.

You are also welcome to view the source and run the tests.

Try It Out

The area below represents what this page thinks your login state is, while the widget at the bottom-right represents what the Persona simulator believes it is. You can make changes to either and reload this page to see what happens when stubbyid.js tries to reconcile out-of-sync beliefs.

Logged in as .
Logged out.


Below is a log of stubbyid.js's thought process as it simulates what Persona does and reconciles the desires of the user with this page's assumptions about login state. These messages are also logged via window.console.