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Achievement Unlocked

URL Hacker

Achievement Unlocked


Achievement Unlocked

Style Hacker

Achievement Unlocked

Copy Editor

Click on an attribute’s value to edit it.
Click on a text node to edit it.
Tap deletebackspace to remove an element.
Tap R to change the source code of an element.
Press and hold C to view the style of an element.
Click to edit a style property.
While holding C, tap space bar to make changes to an element’s style.

The Parable of The Hackasaurus


nce upon a time there lived a clever girl named Sue who liked to make things. She knit hats and built robots to wear them. But she didn’t know anything about how the Web worked; it was as opaque as a television screen to her.

One day a giant dinosaur appeared as she was exploring the web.

Picture of Hackasaur

“I’m going to show you how to hack the web!”, the dinosaur told Sue.

“Hack?” Sue asked. “Isn’t that evil?”

“No!” said the dinosaur. “Hacking can be used for good or ill. It is about tinkering with things to change how they work. Good hackers improve them and make them work better, but bad hackers make them worse.”

“Wow!” said Sue. “I want to be a good hacker.”

“Ok, then, try on these Web X-Ray Goggles and we’ll get started!”

Sue wore the goggles the dinosaur gave her, and suddenly she could see and change how everything on the weeb was put together.

Picture of Sue wearing goggles